Everybody has their story. We’d like to tell you a bit about ourselves so that you can get to know us better:


The beginning

Els inicis d'Entrenúvols

Once upon a time there were… 2 young guys who were completely hooked on flight. They joined forces to turn their passion into their way of life and they were able to make their dream come true by creating Entrenúvols.

Jordi and Ramon were those two dreamers who shyly began taking people flying on their tandem paragliders with the thrill of sharing their passion.


The first SIV courses

SIV a Annecy

Entrenúvols was growing and the dream was taking shape. We began the activity for which we would become most known in the world of Paragliding: safety in flight courses, known as Simulation of Incidents in Flight (SIV) courses.

In order to start the first season of SIV courses, we transferred to the pretty region of Annecy, one of the best natural areas for this type of course due to an altitude of 700 m above the water, allowing to reach the height necessary for practice flights.

We also consolidated initiation flights and successive levels.


We offer complete training

SIV a Àger

Entrenúvols was getting bigger and we opened our very own SIV Centre next to the Sant Antoni reservoir, between Tremp and La Pobla de Segur.

We could finally offer the SIV courses without having to travel almost 1000 km. A powerful motorboat uses a pay-out winch to lift the pilots into the air to heights of around 1000 metres, when conditions are good. While they wait their turn, the other pilots can sunbathe, swim or just watch their colleagues fly…

In the following years, we accumulated experience and jumped into the international scene by participating in the organization of the well-known acrobatics competition ACROLAC.

We also started work with Aérotests, the homologations laboratory of the Federation Française du Vol Libre (FFVL). We offered our facilities and one year later Jordi became one of their test pilots, after receiving the necessary training for homologation of paragliders.

These were years of expansion at Entrenúvols that involved a lot of work and dedication!


A new stage begins

Equip Entrenúvols

Entrenúvols begins a new stage with new dreams and a team more united than ever makes this one of the years in which Entrenúvols taught the highest number of flight students.

The Safety courses are boosted with a new motorboat and winch!



Revoluttion 2009

With the new motorboat and winch, Entrenúvols made a bit of history and co-organized the 1st Spanish Acrobatics Championship. The best of the best in acrobatics participated and everyone was well pleased with the event.


New Facilities

Local Entrenúvols

We opened up our new facilities including a shop, classroom, warehouse and office just next to our landing field by Cal Maciarol.

We also presented our brand new winch, entirely designed and produced by us, improving the efficiency and reliability of this important piece of gear.

We organized the 2nd Spanish Paragliding Acrobatics Championship.


New website!

We have a new website! It was about time… the previous one was fit for a history museum!

We, Jordi and Ramon, continued making our dream a reality, this is our way of life, enjoying the passion of flying alongside many other professionals devoted to sharing the wonderful feeling of flying a Paraglider.


15 years!


How time flies! 15 years since the beginning of Entrenúvols.

We continue with the same energy, or more, than the first day!