Some advice never goes amiss...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

There is no time limit but we recommend that you book one or two weeks in advance to make sure that your flight will be available on the day you want to fly.

No. It is practically impossible to foresee far in advance if the meteorological conditions will let us fly. We follow the local forecast and if we consider that there is good reason to cancel the flights we’ll let you know the day before at the earliest. Forecasts of periods over 48 h are very unreliable...and they can sometimes change in a few minutes.

If we can’t fly, we will postpone your flight to a date that suits you. If you can’t make it for another date, we’ll reimburse your reservation fee.

Well... it depends on the time of year and time of day. But in general, yes, it’s cold. Dress up warm and bring an outer layer that can act as a windshield. If it’s hot, you can just leave your extra clothes in the car.

Yes, there’s no problem. Vertigo is an alteration of the balance, it only manifests when you are standing. When you fly you’ll be sitting down with your legs swinging, with no need to keep your balance so there is no vertigo. It’s not just a theory... we have verified it hundreds or thousands of times...

We have a rather high weight limit: 130Kg. However, for the 100% Adrenaline Flight the maximum weight is 90Kg.

Not usually. It does not make you feel more or less sick than other movements. In other words, if you tend to get carsick or seasick it may give you a similar feeling, they say it’s rather like seasickness. In any case, if you tend to get motion sickness we advise you to take some an anti-motion sickness tablets (Rugby, Biodramina, Chiclida, etc...), and warn the pilot as soon as you feel the first symptoms.


You won’t need any special clothing. Just take into account the time of year and the fact that we will be flying at an elevation of between 1000 to 2000 metres (sometimes we even come close to 3000 metres) and we will be moving at a speed of around 40 km/h. Therefore, choose your clothes considering the time of year and just remember that we’re not going to the seaside ;-)

A sensible outfit could include the following:

  • WINDBREAKER: any jacket or anorak that stops the wind getting through (ski clothing, mountaineering equipment, "Gore-Tex", etc... you may also need it in summer.
  • GOOD FOOTWEAR: it’s our landing gear so it’s a good idea to use good footwear. If possible, wear hiking boots, which are anyway the best option for walking in the mountains. If you don’t have any boots, wear sports shoes with good ankle support. Keep the trendy shoes and sandals for another occasion ;-)
  • GLOVES: in winter you’ll need some good gloves, but they are also a good idea in summer.
  • GLASSES: we recommend you wear glasses or goggles, but they are not essential. But if you wear corrective lenses, don’t leave them behind!! You won’t want to miss the breathtaking views!
  • TECHNICAL GEAR: We are in charge of that! You don’t need to worry about anything else.


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