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The flight that is accessible to everyone!

The Inclusive Flight allows you to enjoy flying despite any disabilities you may have. We’ll fly using equipment adapted to anyone with reduced mobility, so that everyone can enjoy the experience of flying with a paraglider. We will launch from the Montsec, descending a gradient of 600 to 1,050 m. According to conditions, we will choose one of the 2 launch sites suitable for the adapted equipment.

The Inclusive Flight will take place during the morning or in the afternoon, avoiding the central hours of the day, when the conditions are tougher making it harder to maneouver the harness of the adapted paraglider. We will try to find thermals (ascending air currents produced by the action of the sun) that will allow us to make flights lasting between 15′ to 30′.

Experience details:

  • Time of the Flight: Morning and afternoon
  • Flight duration: 15′ – 30′
  • Acrobatics: Basic manoeuvres included like Spirals, Wing Overs… only if passenger wants, of course!
  • Availability: from march to october
  • Who can fly: Everybody. Minors with tutor consent
  • Meeting Point: At Entrenúvols. –more information–
  • Expiration: 2 years from date of purchase
  • Access to the launch site: INCLUDED. Not adapted car, sorry!
  • Photo/video report: Take a good memory of your flight. –more information–
  • Satisfaction guarantee: If the recipient doesn’t like your gift, don’t worry! We will refund the money. Only before booking and maximum 3 months from purchase date!
  • Low price guaranteed: We guarantee you won’t find the same experience cheaper on any gift box outside of Entrenúvols.

All the information at the product page: Inclusive Flight


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